glazing & mirrors

About Glass 

We have a professional team who will assist and offer advice on all your glass requirements. 

All glass is glazed according to specifications and conforms to statutory requirements of  SANS 10400-N and SANS 613 

Clear and Tinted Float Glass

Clear and tinted float glass is cut to size to suit your requirements whilst strictly adhering to SANS 10400-N regulations 

Typical uses:

  • Glazing of windows
  • Picture framing 


Safety Glass can be obscure, reflective, tinted or performance glass and is manufactured according to specific requirements. 

Laminated Safety Glass

  • Two or more pieces of glass joined together by an interlayer called polyvinyl butyral (PVB) which can either be clear or tinted. This interlayer holds the glass together when broken
  • The clear PVB not only gives you good UV protection but also assists with sound reduction
  • The tinted PVB layer offers the same as the clear but also has energy efficient qualities
  • In addition you can use a Low E coating on the glass which increases the thermal insulation
  • High Penetration Resistant laminated glass (HPR) can also be offered adding increased security
  • An acoustic layer can be added to your laminated glass for increased sound reduction

 Toughened Safety Glass                   

  • Toughened safety glass is manufactured by heating float or patterned glass to approximately 700 deg C and then cooling rapidly. This process makes the glass up to 5 times stronger than normal annealed glass. Although the toughened glass is 5 times stronger when it breaks it breaks into lots of small pieces
  • Toughened glass is typically used for frameless shower enclosures, bath enclosures, internal partitioning, frameless pivot & hinge doors, balustrades, frameless wine cellars, table tops & shelves


Double Glazing – Sealed Insulated Glass (SIG)

  • Two or more pieces of glass separated by a spacer. The airspace between the glass is critical to the insulation value of the unit
  • The units are designed for thermal insulation and can offer enhanced security

 Low E

  • Low E coating is best used in an SIG (Sealed Insulated Glass) unit as the coating can be scratched if not cleaned carefully


  • Mirrors can be cut to suit your specific requirements & are available in 3mm, 4mm & 5mm silver mirror and 4mm & 6mm tinted mirror
  • They can be hand polished, machine polished or bevelled
  • We offer the added service of applying gravity batons to the back of mirrors which creates an effective “floating” look