Vistafold Stacking Folding Doors

The Vistafold Stacking/Folding Door boasts a modern and innovative design system featuring multiple panels which stack effortlessly away to either one side or both sides allowing uninterrupted views and combining indoor and outdoor living.

 Our outward opening Vistafold doors are engineered to suit a wide range of residential and commercial applications. The number of panels vary according to the width of your opening and are custom-made to suit your specific requirements. 

This door incorporates a well-engineered sill that protects against our extreme Cape weather conditions. 

Our standard hardware includes high quality hinge pivots, hinge wheels, hinge handles, intermediate hinges, double throw flush bolts, dead/latch locks with keyed/thumb turn cylinders and V-catches. Hook locks can replace dead/latch locks at your request. 

“Intruderprufe” laminated safety glass is standard however all architect-specific glazing requirements will be strictly adhered to which includes double glazing and all energy performance glass. 

A wide variety of colours are available from market leaders in the powder coating industry, AkzoNobel Interpon and Ferro. 

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